Faculty of Engineering
Department of Industrial Engineering



Department of Industrial Engineering is dedicated to educate its students to become engineers with highly developed analytical and problem solving skills who have strong system oriented approach.  Our graduates have strong background in core competencies of engineering, and they also have sound understanding of management skills. Our curriculum consist courses in basic sciences, management technologies and industrial engineering specific areas.  This diverse course-work prepares our students to become highly capable professionals in managing industries in manufacturing or services fields. Academic program in Industrial Engineering Department includes following concentration areas:  manufacturing engineering, management science, operations research and systems engineering. Due to interdisciplinary nature of our program, the graduates are well prepared to assume decision making positions in production and planning activities of their industries. The education program is designed in way that it provides wide variety of elective courses, especially in the areas related to service industries. This helps students to focus on their own area of interest. Our department emphasis is to graduate engineers with deep understanding of technology related issues and who can position themselves as frontrunners of technological development.


Industrial Engineering Department strive to prepare our students in

  • Taking professional positions in various services and industries (manufacturing, finance, logistics, health services, etc.)

  • To be able to assume a leadership position in their profession field

  • To be able to pursue post-graduate degrees in domestic and international universities.


Core Competencies of the Department

  • Due to interdisciplinary perspective of the department, our graduates find employment opportunities in variety of industries. Our academic program includes several areas of study such as production engineering, engineering management, operations research and system engineering.

  • Industrial Engineers are educated to have wide perspective in analyzing problems and engineering related issues.This helps them to come up with creative solutions to problems, which in turn contributes to their career success.

  • Our graduates are employed by companies in various areas such as, production, management, quality control, research and development, human resources, purchasing, project management, finance, logistics, etc. Some of our graduates chose a different path and become entrepreneurs.

  • Industrial Engineering education offers students opportunity to pursue a career path that best fit into their interest and capabilities. Moreover, our program educates the students to be decision makers in production and planning operations of public and private sector companies.

  • Through an option of elective courses, student areprovided to concentrate on the issues according to their own field of interest

  • In our department an academic advisor is assigned to each new student.The advisor not only helps students in dealing with academic issues but also provides guidance in student’s future educational and professional plans.

  • Our faculty members have strong academic and professional background in diverse areas of study.